Windray Watercrafts
including Sailboards, Yachts Surfing SUP and Kite Boards

Sailboard Development Since 1999

a division of

~K2 Keller Consulting, LLC~

Consulting on RF Plasmas, Ion beams and Fluid Dynamics
Since 1983


Watercraft/Sailboard Technology
that uses Hydrodynamic Theory along with Experiments to increase the board or hull speed from displacement through high speed planing. This theory applies to large Yachts
all the way down to Kite boards


Yacht model with about 100% more lift to drag. Thus planes at 30% less speed
 and has  >30% less drag.


Sailboard with patented steps and patents pending  for the high lift surface
 and side slots.

Testing a modified Board. Board is planing with
a 7.2 m sail  in light 9-10 mph wind
(essentially no white cap)

Testing the Drag of a Board

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